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Gender: Female   |   Ethnicity: Māori

Age: Early 30s   |  Height: 5"7

Dress size: 10   |   Bust: D cup

Body: Athletic   |   Eyes: Brown

Hair: Long Dark  |   Skin tone: Olive

Sexuality: Bisexual

Language: Māori & English 

Hey future lover,


I’m Harper King – a submissive brunette sex goddess who offers legendary level, gag-free deep throat blowjobs in the privacy of my apartment. As I climb to the peak of my sexuality, I realise nothing turns me on more than servicing the needs and desires of an aroused, lonely man. A newfound fave of mine is offering my pretty face and boobs as a world-class canvas for the best facial cumshots you’ve ever had!


My sexual progression has been quite unique and the total opposite of conventional. Over the past few months I’ve found myself steering away from penetrative sex and focused more on perfecting my oral skills. This is in large part due to the fact that I naturally have a really tight vagina. There are times when my vagina is so tight that I simply cannot even fit a cock in my hole. It’s like nothing would fit in there, so I began to offer my mouth up instead and focused all my efforts on providing the BEST deep throat blowjobs a man could ever have. It was just easier this way and a lot more fun!


For months I’ve spent most of my time providing and perfecting my BJ skills over full service while trying to make up for the fact that my vagina is too tight to fuck. This probably has a lot to do with why my deep throat skills are now unimaginably flawless. Unlike other girls, I gobble up dick from tip to base without so much as a gurgle from my bottomless gullet!


What really turns me on is getting *finger banged* while giving the best milking BJ, watching you cum all over my body as my vagina tightens around your fingers as I cum (almost biting them off!)


So what are you waiting for?


Book now to experience the best deepthroat blow job you’ll ever have!

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