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Booking Etiquette

Booking Etiquette

You will be ignored or blocked if you fail to adhere to my screening process. This includes if you;

  • Call me from a private phone number

  • Call persistently

  • Send nude or inappropriate pictures

  • Negotiate my fees

  • Request discounts or rate reductions

  • Request services I do not provide (see Services)

  • Send rude or abusive messages

  • Fail to pay a deposit

  • Offer drugs in exchange for an appointment

  • Request to be my 'doubles partner' in any setting

During Our Encounter

  • Please leave your donation in plain view on any surface when you arrive - I will not acknowledge this, however I will take notice.

  • You will be required to shower prior to commencing any booking. Please use the body wash provided. Please also wash your hands thoroughly, including scraping under your nails if necessary.

  • Short, clean, buffed nails are a must, as physical evidence of our encounter is not desirable. 

  • Oral hygiene is imperative. If you would like kissing (any style of kissing), please ensure you brush thoroughly (including the tongue) and use mouthwash. Please use the mouthwash provided. 

  • Please manscape, gentlemen. Shaving is not really necessary, but at the very least please trim. A well maintained member will receive far more personal attention than an unruly one.

  • I can be hypersensitive, to ensure you do not cause me any pain please refrain from biting my lips, grazing your teeth on any part of me, and gauge my sensitivity level before putting any pressure on sensitive areas (clit and nipples).

  • Being discreet is very important! I will always do my absolute best to ensure our meet is discreet from the moment you make an enquiry through to the location I choose to host and the booking itself.

  • I do not 'party' during bookings, I do not take drugs, and very rarely do I ever drink alcohol. To ensure everything runs smoothly, please refrain from offering me any drugs during our time together.

  • Please let me know if there is a possibility that you would like an extension prior to the booking, so I can allow some extra time. Please bring correct fee with you. Last minute extensions may not be available so please plan ahead.

  • If you show any signs or symptoms of a cold, flu, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, wheezing (heavy asthmatic breathing), this may result in your booking being cancelled without refund.

  • A health check will be conducted on arrival. Should you fail the health check, your booking will be cancelled without refund.


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