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Fake Websites - Warning!

It has been brought to my attention on numerous occasions that there are several websites using my content to potentially scam clients. These websites are:


  • Secret Hostess 

  • Red Escorts 

I have never advertised with these sites and I have made several attempts to have my content removed but to no avail.

The aforementioned sites may have profiles that look similar to mine as they have illegally made use of my images and website copy. They have even gone as far as to brand my images with their logo. They may claim to offer the same services and have indeed plagiarised my verbiage but these websites are in no way affiliated with or associated with me.

In fact, these websites are fraudulent, which means that dealing with them might see you parting ways with your money without getting anything in return.

If you're looking for the real experience of working with me, the best way to find me is via Escorts & Babes, Real BabesEscortify, Tryst, Naughty Ads or right here at

Remember to check the website you are on and be safe out there!

Harper x

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